Validation Information:

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Contained by:,<add>|<date>|<del>|<head>|<hi>|<l>|<metamark>|<note>|<num>|<p>|<restore>|<seg>|<sic>|<speaker>|<stage>|<stamp>|<unclear>

May contain:,<add>|<anchor/>|<choice>|<date>|<del>|<delSpan/>|<floatingText>|<hi>|<lb/>|<lg>|<metamark>|<note>|<num>|<pb/>|<restore>|<seg>|<sic>|<stage>|<stamp>|<unclear>

What is it?

The <add> tag marks additions that have been inserted in the by the author (scribe, proofreader, editor, etc.)


The @hand attribute indicates the author of the addition. At the moment we distinguish between three different hands:

  1. handwritten additions made by Samuel Beckett (hand="#SB"),
  2. typewritten additions made by anyone – including Samuel Beckett (hand="#typist"),
  3. handwritten additions not made by Samuel Beckett (hand="#unknown").

Please remember to start each @hand value with a hashtag (see: 'Special Case: xml:id'). For those rare cases where a handwritten addition was not made by Samuel Beckett and you do know who wrote it, start the value with a hashtag, followed by that person's initials. Make sure you also leave a <!--VINCENT: --> comment (see: <note>) that mentions that person's full name, so we can easily find it and declare it in the <teiHeader>.

We distinguish 9 different types of additions:

  1. additions in the left margin of the text (place="marginleft"),
  2. additions in the right margin of the text (place="marginright"),
  3. additions in the bottom margin of the text (place="marginbottom"),
  4. additions in the top margin of the text (place="margintop")
  5. supralinear additions (place="supralinear")
  6. infralinear additions (place="infralinear")
  7. facingleaf additions (place="facingleaf")
  8. inline additions (place="inline")
  9. overwritten additions (place="overwritten")

The @rend attribute indicates the writing tool used to make the addition. At the moment we distinguish between 5 different writing tool renditions:

  1. additions made in blue ink (rend="blue ink"),
  2. additions made in black ink (rend="black ink"),
  3. additions made in ink darker than blue, but lighter than black: (rend="blueblack ink"),
  4. additions made in red ink (rend="red ink")
  5. supralinear made using a pencil (rend="pencil")

The 'ink' in these cases can both be a pen's ink, or a typewriter's ink ribbon.

The @resp attribute indicates the person responsible for the addition's transcription, and its value consists of a hashtag (#), followed by the transcriber's initials. Please use your own initials when transcribing a text, or correcting someone else's tags.

The @type attribute  is only used in the case of open variants, in which case its value is "alternative". For more information, see the @type="alternative" section of the description of the <seg> tag.


For the <add> tag, the @place, @hand, @rend, and @resp attributes are obligatory. Only the @type attribute is optional.

For example:


<add place="margintop" hand="#SB" rend="pencil" resp="#DVH"></add>[/xml]