Validation Information:

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Contained by:,<add>|<choice>|<date>|<del>|<head>|<hi>|<l>|<metamark>|<note>|<num>|<p>|<restore>|<seg>|<sic>|<speaker>|<stage>|<stamp>|<unclear>

May contain:,<choice>|<seg>|<sic>|<unclear>
Attributes:, none

What is it?

The <choice> element groups one or more alternative encodings for the same piece of text together. We only use it to encode obvious spelling errors in the documents. The original error will be encoded in its first direct child: the <sic> element, while the corrected version will be encoded in <choice>'s second direct child: the <corr> element. As such, the <choice> element links the error and correction together.

For example:

[xml] But what <choice><sic>where</sic><corr>were</corr></choice> my…[/xml]