Known Issues

This page lists a number of problems that occur in the Encoding Manual or the Forum, that we know the existence of, and are trying to solve in the future. If you find a problem that is not listed in this list, please file a bug report trough our Contact Form.

Encoding Manual

Syntax Highlighter Bug

The Syntax Highlighter (a WordPress plugin we use to display longer strings of code) seems to have a problem with the <l> element, and chooses to display the opening angled bracket of its opening and closing tags as the entity &lt; rather than as <. We do not yet know how to fix this bug. At the moment, it only appears on this page, under the 'Poetry' tab.


Edit Button

At this time, it is not yet possible to edit posts that have already been submitted. The 'Edit' button that will appear at the top right corner of your post will direct you to a page that 'has not been found'.


In the Forum, not all characters will be displayed properly. Instead, unrecognized characters will be displayed as a black rhombus with a question mark in the middle. The list of characters that we know the forum does not (yet) support is:

  • à

At the moment, it might be better to circumvent this error, for example by writing the letter without the accent (be it accompanied by some symbol to indicate the accent, or not).