Validation Information:

[table border="1" colwidth="115"]

Contained by:,<add>|<date>|<del>|<head>|<hi>|<l>|<metamark>|<note>|<num>|<p>|<restore>|<seg>|<sic>|<speaker>|<stage>|<stamp>|<unclear>

May contain:,none (empty element)

What is it?

A  <handShift/> element marks a place in the document where a change in the writing tool indicates that a previous writing session has ended, and a new session has begun.


The value of the @new attribute refers to the new writing tool that is being used. It starts with a hashtag (#), which is followed by the writing tool. For a list of the writing tools the BDMP currently distinguishes, please refer to the values of the @rend attribute of the <del> element, or of the <add> element.

For example:


tell, it's not particular. <handShift new="#red ink"/>But let us go back