Validation Information:

[table border="1" colwidth="115"]

Contained by:,<add>|<back>|<body>|<date>|<del>|<div>|<floatingText>|<front><head>|<l>|<lg><metamark>|<note>|<num>|<p>|<restore>|<seg>|<sic>|<sp>|<speaker>|<stage>|<stamp>|<text>|<unclear>

May contain:,none (empty element)

What is it?

The <pb/> element is an empty element that marks a page break. We put it at the beginning of every manuscript page, to mark the beginning of the page.


The value of the @n attribute starts with minimally two digits that represent the page number, followed by 'r' for recto or 'v' for verso.

For example:


<pb n="02r"/>