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Rules Values
Contained by: <add>|<body>|<del>|<div>|<head>|<hi>|<l>|<metamark>|<note>|<p>|<restore>|<seg>|<sic>|<sp>|<stage>|<unclear>

May contain:

Attributes: none

What is it?

At the BDMP, we only use the <floatingText> tag to indicate archive numbers that were written (or stamped) on the document by an archivist, rather than the author. For more information on how page numbers (written on the document by the author) should be encoded, please refer to the <num> element.


The <floatingText> element should always contain a <body> element as its direct child, which in turn should contain a <p> element as its direct child.

For example:

<floatingText><body><p>MS 1227/7/7/1</p></body><floatingText>