Validation Information:

[table border="1" colwidth="115"]
Contained by:,<fileDesc>
May contain:,<author>|<funder>|<principal>|<respStmt>|<title>
Attributes:, none [/table]

What is it?

The <titleStmt> tag contains information about the title of the work the document belongs to, and those responsible for its content (both of the original document, and of its transcription, encoding, etc.).



The <title> element contains the title of the original document. We give it an @xml:id attribute with that title's abbreviation, to be able to reference back to it throughout the document. For example:

[xml] <title xml:id="UNN">The Unnamable</title>[/xml]


The <author> element contains the name of the document's author – in our case Samuel Beckett. We also give the <author> element an @xml:id for further reference, which contains the author's initials. The name itself is encoded within <name> tags (within the <author> element). For example:

[xml] <author xml:id="SB"><name>Samuel Beckett</name></author>[/xml]


The <principal> tag contains the names of the principal editors who are responsible for the creation of the electronic text. Again, the <principal> tag is given an @xml:id for further reference, containing the editors' initials, and the names themselves are encoded within <name> tags (within the <principal> element). We open a new <principal> element for each editor in the list. For example:


<principal xml:id="DVH"><name>Dirk Van Hulle</name></principal>
<principal xml:id="VN"><name>Vincent Neyt</name></principal>
<principal xml:id="WD"><name>Wout Dillen</name></principal>[/xml]


The <funder> tag contains the center (or individual, organization, etc.) that is responsible for the funding of the project. In our case, this is the Centre for Manuscript Genetics at the University of Antwerp. First comes the name of the organization (within <name> tags, and then comes the <address>, which is further subdivided into a series of address lines (<addrLine>). For example:

[xml] <funder>
<name>Centre for Manuscript Genetics (UA)</name>
<addrLine>Universiteit Antwerpen (UA)</addrLine>
<addrLine>Prinsstraat 13</addrLine>
<addrLine>B-2000 Antwerpen</addrLine>
<addrLine>tel: +32 (0)3 220 42 46</addrLine>
<addrLine>email: dirk.vanhulle@ua.ac.be</addrLine>


The <respStmt> tag contains more information on those who are responsible for different aspects of the encoded text. It starts with a <name>, followed by a short description of that person's specific responsibilities. Again, there is one <respStmt> for every person who needs to be mentioned. For example:

[xml] <respStmt>
<name>Dirk Van Hulle</name>
<resp>SBDMP coordinator, encoding scheme, TEI customization</resp>