Validation Information:

[table border="1" colwidth="115"]
Contained by:,<teiHeader>
May contain:,<editorialDecl>|<tagsDecl>
Attributes:, none [/table]

What is it?

The <encodingDesc> documents the relation between the electronic text and the original source document from which it was derived.



The <tagsDecl> element contains information about the tags that have been used to encode the document. We use it to specify the colors that were used to render the @rend attributes of the <add> and <del> tags in the <text> element. For example:

[xml] <tagsDecl>
<rendition xml:id="blueblackink">#153E7E</rendition>
<rendition xml:id="redink">#B00000</rendition>
<rendition xml:id="pencil">#666666</rendition>


The <editorialDecl> (editorial practice declaration) provides details of editorial principles and practices applied during the encoding of a text.