Validation Information:

[table border="1" colwidth="115"]
Contained by:,<fileDesc>
May contain:,<authority>|<availability>|<pubPlace>|
Attributes:, none [/table]

What is it?

The <publicationStmt> element contains information about the electronic file's publication and distribution. It is subdivided into three small sub-elements: <authority>, <pubPlace>, and <availability>.



The <authority> element contains the person or agency responsible for making the work available. In our case, this is the Centre for Manuscript Genetics at the University of Antwerp:

[xml]<authority>Centre for Manuscript Genetics (University of Antwerp)</authority>[/xml]


The <pubPlace> element contains the place of publication, in our case Antwerp:



The <availability> element contains information regarding the copyright status of the electronic document. Due to copyright reasons, our <availability> statement says 'Not to be distributed outside the project':

[xml]<availability>Not to be distributed outside the project</availability>[/xml]